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Bmw standard tools windows 10

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Remember Me? However, the Windows operating system continues to evolve and since the Windows 8 train wreck is behind us, I decided it was time to update my DIY for Windows 10 x64 bit. Because Windows 10 was never qualified by the BMW Group, it should be considered an experimental platform. BMW Standard Tools 2. The software was not intended to be used by your neighborhood BMW dealer.

The software is complicated and requires a significant effort to understand. If you’re technically astute, comfortable with Microsoft Windows administrative tasks, and want to learn to manually install the software and integrate the SP daten files on which it depends, this is the right DIY for you. This DIY is not intended to be the “easy button.

There are even forum members who can assist you remotely for a “donation. The tools themselves will mostly be in English, however, certain output i.

ECU coding and flash reprogramming come with inherent risks, there is always the possibility of catastrophic failure. Your car should always be attached to a microprocessor controlled charger that adapts to the cars current draw and supplies constant, clean power. If you understand the inherent risks and agree with the above disclaimer, proceed with caution. That process doesn’t only impact WinKFP, it impacts all tools ability to communicate. The DIY was not constructed in such a way to be performed in piece parts, there are strict interdependencies.

Don’t assume that just because you don’t intend to use a particular tool i. When you integrate the German metric ECU description files and group files from the SP Daten, the language variants do not match and the ECU description files are newer than anticipated.

If you purchased a cable from Amazon or eBay, your mileage may vary. A faulty cable can cause a myriad of issues. If you don’t own a one-stop-electronics cable, I kindly request that you not clutter this thread with questions and issues related to unproven cables. When installing Windows 10, I suggest disabling as many of its controversial data collection tools as possible On this screen, make sure that you scroll down to access the error and diagnostic data collection setting.

The INPA 5. I recommend first downloading the open source 7-Zip archive manager to extract its contents. INPA 5. Don’t panic. This is necessary as the old circa Windows 95 InstallShield 5. EXE used to install the software has trouble with long filenames and deep folder hierarchies.

EXE file to begin the installation process. When this screen appears, be sure to select Windows XP. For all other selections, accept the default and click Weiter which is German for “further.

Click on OK and then click on the large red circle with a white X at the bottom of the screen to see the second regsvr32 error. Click on OK to acknowledge the second error. Bring the OBDSetup. Notice the blue lines around the edge which indicate it is in focus. Press any key to exit OBDSetup. When prompted to reboot, select Nein for “No” and then click on Beenden or “End” to exit the installation program. Double-click on the Instprog. Click OK.

Select English and click Continue. Click Continue. Verify that the language is set to English metric. The archive contents will be extracted. Click End. Close the File Explorer window. Under INPA 5. Copy the INPA. Once you have these two folders, you will never need to install INPA 5. Blow away your previous installation of Windows and start over with a fresh install. Now that you have the two folders needed to bootstrap INPA 5. Depress the Windows logo key to display the Start menu.

Reason: broken link to winkfp import guide. Appreciate StradaRedlands Here my answers to some Frequently Asked Questions, in no particular order. I will update this FAQ over time. This is not intended to replace, but rather augment official BMW Group documentation. What are integration levels? Also referred to as I-level , I-step , and I-stage During development of a given chassis i.

An integration level is a defined vehicle configuration from an electrical standpoint hardware and software that is validated by BMW. How do I determine the current integration level of my vehicle? You can display your current dealer integration level with INPA Do I need a newer SP Daten to code my vehicle? That depends upon your current integration level.

Your integration level tells you the minimum SP Daten needed to code your car. You can always use a newer SP Daten if you wish, but it’s not necessary. I’m not sure which SP Daten I have.

How I can determine which integration level it supports? The supported integration level can be found in the KMM database.

This is an example from SP Daten Reason: Added question 11 to the FAQ. CarAbuser Reserved for future use. Appreciate 0. Reserved for future use This is a painfully long way to install these tools.

It does everything for you. Then you just copy your ECU, daten, config, profile, and scripts to their respective directories and your done.

I just did a W10 install for someone. I had to run the 2. Originally Posted by matteblue3er. I used your old guide for my Win7 32 bit installation. I just ordered a new Surface Pro and intend for that to be my new coding rig as well.

Originally Posted by Nitrousbird. Originally Posted by AWDxi. There is no need to re-install INPA 5. Be sure to stop by and let us know how the Surface Pro works in tablet mode!! Awesome write-up, bookmarked this thread That will save me some time. I should have it installed in about a week. I’m interested to see how well it works with a touch screen. Originally Posted by devildogae. Thank you for this clear and well explained tutorial!

Is this easy to do? Originally Posted by t7wakim. Reason: grammar correction. First Lieutenant. Once Windows has been reinstalled Last edited by tryingtobebest; at PM..


Fast Way to Install BMW INPA Standard Tools on Windows 10 | OBDIIcom Official Blog


Bmw standard tools windows 10 Me? Easy, effective, BMW tools install on Windows 10 64bit. Hi stwndard, Here is a relatively simple way to get BMW tools installed on your machine regardless of what windows operating system you’re running; it also works on 32 or 64 bit versions. I will tell you bmd front that this is not my method, but rather BimmerGeek’s. Essentially all I’ve done here is learned his method and compiled some instructions on it.

In case you were wondering, I did make this DIY with his permission. Also, this method seems to be very effective bmw standard tools windows 10 simple, “Mike’s Easy BMW Tools” didn’t bmw standard tools windows 10 for me at all, and some of bmw standard tools windows 10 other methods нажмите чтобы увидеть больше quite involved just to simply install some software. Continue at your own risk. I am vmw responsible in any way for any damage that occurs to your car as a result of this information and software.

The first toops you want to do is aindows the BimmerGeeks Standard Bmw standard tools windows 10 file from his website. The link узнать больше bimmergeeks.

Once downloaded, expand the. At this point you should have several. Next, select all the. We’ll need them standwrd. The first thing you want to do here is run the executable, if you’re installing o a newer version of windows you will have to run it in compatibility mode.

To do this, right tkols the. Now увидеть больше should get through the installer without any problem. Next what you want круть!) x7 endnote free человеческое do is go into your C drive and remove several folders completely.

Now you want to replace them with the ones from the. Simply move the contents of all the. This is a convenient time to go in and create shortcuts for all tools tools. Next toolx your CMD prompt application, right click, and click “run as administrator. At this point your software should be functional. BimmerGeeks did some nice things on mine where he changed some icons and names to make it look better.

I can put directions up on how to change icons if you need to know. Let me know if you have any questions or if there are any steps that are incorrect or unclear. If there’s anything I wwindows figure out I’m sure BimmerGeeks will have no problem with solving it. I’d like to give a big shout-out and thanks to BimmerGeeks for helping out with this, there really wasn’t an easy way to get this software installed until now so I’m very appreciative of him sharing this information with us!!!!

Appreciate 8. Drifter For the CMD prompt commands, it’s not really dtandard. All you need to do is right click on BMW Coding Tool and run bmw standard tools windows 10 admin when opening it for the first time. As long as those files are in the BMW Coding Tool folder, the system will auto register the necessary all по этому сообщению at once, without user’s input. Appreciate 0. Originally Posted by BimmerGeeks.

I just threw the coding tool OCX files in there as well since your already registering one anyway. Lieutenant Colonel. Appreciate 1. BimmerGeeks Winddows First Class. Just installed using this method. Will try bmw standard tools windows 10 car winrows the morning Thanks! The installer’s name I assume is St? For options during setup we do not change anything like “available Hardware-Interfaces” or select the check box for “USB to serial adapter”?

Com Port? Default everything, uncheck backup wizard, don’t check any boxes, COM port 1. What if we are running a 32bit win 7 VM and don’t have the syswow64 folder?

I assume system32? Wihdows sure what I’m doing wrong but I can get Inpa to see both lights standad. It does indeed. Thanks for the bmw standard tools windows 10. It turned out to be that the pins were soldered.

I removed the bridge and am good to go. Now I just need to figure out how to code out LCI tails. I’m having issues with the bmw standard tools windows 10. I downloaded the software from your site winrows have installed it following the instructions. INPA will run just fine. I bought a cable off the net that seems to connect.

I am getting errors when I try to access any of the options. See images for the errors. Brief description of what I was doing when I got the errors below.

The problem if it matters for issues with the software that I am having The problem is that the ABS light and traction control light toils lit on the dashboard. The computer is syandard me the front left wheel speed sensor is bad. I have put the sensor on the front right and the computer still said front left speed sensor stanndard. I had a shop look at it, they said they tested everything in the ABS system from the wheels to the control bmw standard tools windows 10 and have decided it is the control bmw standard tools windows 10.

I have a replacement that came out of a car nearly identical to mine with fully functioning ABS. Fourth Image: Here’s the main page when Toola load it up with the cable connected. Sorry the images are huge, I didn’t have time to size them down. Any help with this would be awesome. I источник статьи really want to directx windows for download 10 9.0 to have this done when I can do it myself.

Attached Images. That helped a little. I get the same error first image. It will now read engine information though. That’s an improvement. I cannot look at anything in pretty much any other section, it gives me an error similar to the first image. Is it my crappy soldering job? The cable? Thanks for your help. Latency is set to 1, my soldering job isn’t pretty It’s a knockoff cable so maybe it has issues on its own. I don’t know about module selection Pretty much the only area of INPA that works is the engine toold.

Nothing else rools. Buying a new cable isn’t an option right this moment. My soldering iron was having bmw standard tools windows 10 getting hot enough to get a good solder, so I suppose that could be it. By modules, do you mean the options I читать больше select?

It doesn’t look like it. I had to Google what it looks like and I don’t see it. I tried uninstalling and removing all associated files and installing anew. I still get the same errors as before. I’m not sure where to go from here. I suppose the next step is to replace the cable with the one you sell here?

I went ahead tolos ordered the cable Sunday night. I’m in the UK so it’ll be here in a week or so. I’ll give updates when the cable gets here. Thanks so much. I got the cable in from Bimmergeeks but when I plug it in the LED light goes red for a few seconds then turns off.


Bmw standard tools windows 10

Close Device Manager.