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Nonetheless, after the milestone fact of the independence from the Spanish, which was a process that lasted at least ten years from to , some changes started to happen.

The names of colonial streets were changed to numbers and the name of plazas were changed to the founding fathers of Colombia. For instance, the first civil statue placed in a plaza in Colombia was the figure of Bolivar, the main founding father of Colombia. The lower middle class inhabit the central, western and northwestern parts of the city.

The working-class neighborhoods are located in the south, some of them squatter areas. The urban layout in the center of the city is based on the focal point of a square or plaza, typical of Spanish-founded settlements, but the layout gradually becomes more modern in outlying neighborhoods.

The types of roads are classified as Calles streets , which run from west to east horizontally, with street numbers increasing towards the north, and also towards the south with the suffix “Sur” from Calle 0 down south. Carreras roads run from north to south vertically, with numbering increasing from east to west. At the southeast of the city, the addresses are logically sur-este. Other types of roads more common in newer parts of the city may be termed Eje Axis , Diagonal or Transversal.

The numbering system for street addresses recently changed, and numbers are assigned according to street rank from main avenues to smaller avenues and local streets. Only 25, people are located in rural areas of Capital District.

The ethnic composition of the city’s population includes minorities of Afro-Colombian people 0. The locations where the majority of the displaced population is concentrated are Ciudad Bolivar, Kennedy, Bosa and Usme. The square is located in the city’s historical center, La Candelaria , which features architecture in Spanish Colonial and Spanish Baroque styles.

Each of the 20 localities is governed by an administrative board elected by popular vote, made up of no fewer than seven members. The Mayor designates local mayors from candidates nominated by the respective administrative board. Travel and tourism’s share of the city’s overall GDP stands at 2. The hotels in the historical center of La Candelaria and its surrounding areas cater to lovers of culture and the arts.

This area also has the bulk of hostels in the city as well. Close to La Candelaria is the Cerro Monserrate , which you can reach by cable car or funicular. There is also Usaquen, a colonial landmark where brunch and a flea market on Sundays is a traditional activity. The city has numerous green parks and amusement parks like Salitre Magico or Mundo Aventura.

In the eastern mountains of the city, just a few minutes walking from main roads, there are Quebrada La vieja and Chapinero Waterfalls, two of many green spots for sightseeing and tourism with clean air. There are also several areas of the city where fine restaurants can be found.

Since the s, major hotel chains have established themselves in the city. Monserrate Sanctuary at top of the mount. La Candelaria , the historical district of the city. As of December [update] , over new malls are planned in addition to the existing malls. Energy and sewer bills are stratified based on the location of owner’s residence, [75] The system is the classification of the residential properties that should receive public services. Buses remain the main means of mass transit.

The traditional system runs a variety of bus types, operated by several companies on normal streets and avenues: Bus large buses , Buseta medium size buses and Colectivo vans or minivans. The bigger buses were divided into two categories: Ejecutivo , which was originally to be a deluxe service and was not to carry standing passengers, and corriente or normal service.

Since May , all buses run as corriente services. TransMilenio combines articulated buses that operate on dedicated bus roads busways and smaller buses feeders that operate in residential areas, bringing passengers to the main grid.

The system is planned to cover the entire city by Ciclorrutas is one of the most extensive dedicated bike path networks of any city in the world, with a total extension of kilometers miles. The ciclorruta was started by the — Antanas Mockus administration with a few kilometers, and considerably extended afterwards with the development of a Bicycle Master Plan and the addition of paths hundreds of kilometers in extent.

Urban SITP bus, part of the integrated public transport system. Traffic on the Northern Highway Autopista Norte. Construction of the airport was ordered by Gustavo Rojas Pinilla 19th President of Colombia in to replace the Aeropuerto de Techo.

The national airport has begun to take more responsibility due to the congestion at the international airport. In response to the high demand of approximately 27 Million passengers per year, [83] a new airport, El Dorado II, is planned to be built by , to help alleviate traffic at the main airport. This airport, which uses the runways of El Dorado will eventually move to Madrid, a nearby town in the region of Cundinamarca, leaving further space to expand El Dorado.

It is used mainly for private aviation activities. In addition, cars do not circulate as heavily, so there’s less pollution. Along the same lines, just during the month of December, the same activity is carried out at night; there are some special amenities and activities, such as fireworks, street theater performances, and street food vendors. Since 4 April the carrera 11 has been reduced from four to three car lanes and a new bike lane ciclorruta has been inaugurated.

The tramway ran over wooden rails and was easily derailed, so steel rails imported from Britain were eventually installed. But during the Bogotazo riots of , the system suffered heavy damage and was forced to close. The economic effects of the subsequent civil war that followed prevented the damage from being repaired. Parts of the system continued to operate in a reduced state until , when they were replaced by buses.

Most of the streetcar tracks were eventually paved over, but exposed tracks can still be seen on many of the older roads of the city, especially downtown and in the La Candelaria area, although it has been about 70 years [ when?

Due to the constant migration of people into the nation’s capital, the availability of quotas for access to education offered by the State free of charge is often insufficient. The city also has a diverse system of colleges and private schools. There are a number of universities, both public and private. The city has a University City at the National University of Colombia campus located in the traditional sector Teusaquillo.

It is the largest campus in Colombia and one of the largest in Latin America. Mario Laserna Building at the University of the Andes. Liberators Building at El Bosque University. Sergio Arboleda University. Rock al Parque or Rock at the Park is an open air rock music festival. Recurring annually, it gathers over , music fans who can enjoy over 60 band performances for free during three days a year.

Kids’ Choice Awards Colombia , are the most important [ according to whom? His poetic work in the novel De sobremesa has a place in outstanding American literature. Rafael Pombo — was an American romanticism poet who left a collection of fables essential part of children imagination and Colombian tradition.

Also kept up are the colonial houses of two stories, with courtyards, gabled roofs, ceramic tiles and balconies. In some cases, these balconies were enclosed with glass windows during the Republican period, a distinguishing feature of the architecture of the sector for example, the House of Rafael Pombo. There are also architecture trends such as art deco, expressionism and organic architecture. This last trend was typified by Bogotan architects in the second half of the twentieth century such as Rogelio Salmona.

Victorian architecture in Teusaquillo. It stood out in programs, the library network and the presence of organizations that, in a coordinated manner, are working to promote books and reading in the city.

Several specific initiatives for the World Book Capital program have been undertaken with the commitment of groups, both public and private, engaged in the book sector.

Another set of libraries are the new collaborative initiatives between the state, city and international agencies. The National Library of Colombia , a dependence of the Ministry of Culture and the Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango , a dependence of the Bank of the Republic are the two largest public libraries in the city. The first is the repository of more than two million volumes, with an important collection of ancient books.

The latter has almost two million volumes, and with 45, m 2 , sq ft in size, it hosts 10, visitors a day; the Library Alfonso Palacio Rudas is also a dependence of the Bank of the Republic, and is located at the north of the city, with about 50, volumes.

National Library of Colombia. The city offers 58 museums and over 70 art galleries. The Gold Museum , with 35, pieces of tumbaga gold, along with 30, objects in ceramic, stone and textiles, represents the largest collection of pre-Columbian gold in the world.

The Botero Museum has works of Fernando Botero and 87 works by international artists. The Museum of Colonial Art is home to an important collection of colonial art from Colombia.

Archaeology Museum of Pasca. The Ibero-American Theater Festival, is not the only acclaimed festival. There are many other regional and local theater festivals that are celebrated and maintain the city active year-round. Amongst these is the “Alternative Theater Festival”. The main cultural center of the city is the La Candelaria, historic center of the city, with a concentration of universities and museums.

From the colonial period onwards, the city has been predominantly Roman Catholic. Proof of this religious tradition is the number of churches built in the historic city center.

However a large group of the population nowadays declares itself non-practicing. The city has a mosque located in the area of Chapinero called the Estambul mosque, [] a mosque being built on the Calle 80 with Cra 30 called Abou Bakr Al-Siddiq Mosque [] and which is the first in the city to have the traditional Islamic architecture, and an Islamic Center called Al-Qurtubi. There are four Buddhist centers located in the north of the city.

El Lugar de Su Presencia. Abou Bakr Al-Siddiq Mosque. Figs with arequipe , strawberries with cream, postre de natas and cuajada con melao are some of the main desserts offered in the city. Canelazo is a hot drink from the Altiplano prepared with aguapanela , cinnamon and aguardiente.

Another hot beverage is the carajillo, made with coffee tinto as it is known in Colombia and aguardiente. The city hosted the National Games in , winning the championship. It was a sub-venue Bolivarian Pan American Games. In addition, the city on the route of the Tour of Colombia. The flag originated with the insurgency movement against the colonial authorities which began on 20 July , during which the rebels wore armbands with yellow and red bands, as these colors were those of the Spanish flag used as the flag for the New Kingdom of Granada.

The flag itself is a yellow band above a red one. The yellow denotes the gold from the earth, as well as the virtues of justice, clemency, benevolence, the so-called “mundane qualities” defined as nobility, excellence, richness, generosity, splendor, health, steadfastness, joy and prosperity , long life, eternity, power and constancy.

The red denotes the virtue of charity, as well as the qualities of bravery, nobility, values, audacity, victory, honor and furor, Colombians call it the blood of their people. It contains a black eagle in the center, which symbolizes steadfastness. The eagle is also a symbol of the Habsburgs, which was the ruling family of the Spanish empire at the time.

The eagle is crowned with gold and holds a red pomegranate inside a golden background. The border contains olive branches with nine golden pomegranates on a blue background. The two red pomegranates symbolize audacity, and the nine golden ones represent the nine states which constituted the New Kingdom of Granada at the time. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Capital of Colombia. Capital city in Colombia. Location in Colombia and South America. Main article: Muisca Confederation.

Main article: Spanish conquest of the Muisca. See also: Bogotazo and La Violencia. Afro-Colombian includes Mixed 0. American Indian 0. Maloka Museum. Bi-articulated TransMilenio bus. Santa Maria bullring. Botero Museum. Ajiaco is one of the city’s most representative dishes. See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in South America.

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Licencia para microsoft project professional 2013 free


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Licencia para microsoft project professional 2013 free

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