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What should I change to add the values inside of the cell instead of 1? I would like to learn the importance of this course which helps me in resume as an addon and can be fast in computer operations with Latest knowledge. Yes, Sumit it is exciting to Join with your Free Excell training videos. I learnt a lot and appreciate your Teaching skills. It is so easy to understand each step as you move forward. Thanks and Blessings. Great work. Hello I am reviewing your free excel training course.

Does your course offer practice after watching the videos? I am trying to give this to my employees. However, I would like to give them a practical test to be sure they went through all training modules. Could you help with this? I tried to clean data by using the methods suggested by you in one of your lesson. But could not successfully clean certain data sets. How can I send it to you for your help? I receive more knowledge related Excel thinks you if you have other levees of excel send me linked.

I feel very happy not only to be enriched with learning Excel tips by you but also to be enjoyed by your way of imparting training. How can I be able to download the book? Please suggest me.

Excellent Sumit! I truly wish to appreciate your way of teaching and effort you put in while creating these videos. I learnt a lot. I have a folder in which I have approx photos and want to search old photos of same person i clicked today.

Hi, Im subscribed to a mail list for 31 videos [Excel Video 8 of 31] today buy i want to subscribe a friend but I dont see where he has to click to subscribe to the list.

Can you tell me what he neds to do? Thank you Sumit for giving us your time and teaching us Excel. I am subscribed to your YouTube channel. The Excel in two minutes series contains nine parts. I am unable to access parts five through nine because they are listed as private. If this is in Error will you correct it so I can view those videos please?

Can you try again Rose? Can you help me with this Any suggestions? Hello Courtney.. You can find the videos as soon as you click on the gray bar. Good morning. I am having the problem where no video pops up when gray bar is clicked. Any suggestions? Hi I have hundreds of rows and I want to multiple select rows over 10 columns with bold fonts only, I saw you video on filtering cells that contain bold font, do you have similar for rows with bold font instead of cells?

Hi… your videos are very detailed and very helpful…thank you for all your efforts in sharing your knowledge.. Just seen 4 of them today intial ones and its superb, no need to go anywhere. Simply and Easiest way to learn excel from Sumit Bansal. I want to know If i want to create a data for my students in which i have name ,address,phone and email And categories them using Drop down feature according to their subject.

The only problem that I am having is that some of them work and others do not. Is there an easy fix for this? As a beginner with Excel, I really enjoy your tutorials and it helps a lot…… thank you Mr Simit, Hope to learn more from you as I go along with more free tutorials. Truly appreciate the time and effort you put in to this for free! Maybe add a donate button or something so people that want to can show their appreciation with moolah!

Today is Thursday, August 8, and I used these videos to relearn how to use excel. They were extremely helpful. Even more happy this training was free. You are a miracle. Created vids, summaries for free. More than just an average youtuber. Thank you so much. Greetings from Long Beach CA. Thank you so much for this course it is really helping me you are such a good person to do this for us all.

Now I have a question, not about your course, but if you coluld solve this problem I would be grateful. Do you know how to get rid of the usernaume in comments? I think it must be solved by VBA code? I think it is very annoying that I have to delete my name or initials in everey new comment I make. Must be a way to get around it? Dear Sumit Bansal, I am really appreciate you concern to teach people without any interest.

This course will make you an intermediate Excel user. I will write credit to your name and mention your website any other services you offer. Thank you so much Sumit! Great job! One question, I am calculation the available FTE per month with Excel Leave Tracker Template, I have to use the of work days, how I am going to calculate this value and use it in the summary table.

Thank you so much for this structured and comprehensive Excel Tutorials which I found very informative, and the best part of it is that it is totally free. I really appreciate your time and effort giving an opportunity for those who need this materials, including myself. I believed this free Excel Tutorials will help me a lot to land my home-based job. Hello Sumit, I like how you have divided the course into different modules and videos. I have done accounting and finance in the past so I feel this is really needed for my growth and career.

If I complete all these videos and practice, will I be able to operate basic to intermediate excel? Hello Shriya.. Glad you found the course useful. Yes, you would be able to handle basic to intermediate tasks in Excel after watching the videos and going through the practice files. Thank you Sumit. Also wanted to ask you, I use Macbook so there are few things which are different in Excel in Macbook. If possible can you upload a video where you mention those few differences.

For eg. Can you help me with that. You are a fantastic man to offer your services to educate those that need to learn about excel …. How refreshing it is to hear you speak not too fast, nor too slow in a manner that is clear and understanding. Thank you most kindly. Working alright at my end. Kindly help me how can I access these options? I guess I need to upgrade excel with version. Is this a certification course? If not, then what should we do to get a certificate for our learnings?

I created a link to enable the contents of Sheet 1 Cell A1 to appear automatically in Sheet 2 so that whenever I change the contents of Sheet 1, the same automatically changes in Sheet 2.

Question: How do I change the settings of my laptop at home to enable me jump from Sheet 2 to Sheet 1 upon double-clicking the link in Sheet 2, Cell A1, to enable me to go to the actual location of my data in Sheet 1?

Hi Sir! Thank you for this three tutorial. What should I do? When you click on the gray bars on the page above, you will get the video that you can watch. Are you not getting any videos when you click on the gray bar? Can you please try now? Also, refresh the page hold the control key and then hit the F5 key.

This should fix the issue. Click on the link and then scroll down slowly, so you do not pass it up, until you see the box with the video area…. Sumit You are truly an MVP. Your videos and instructions are fantastic, they are easy to understand, not cumbersome or a burden to watch and your instruction is simple and precise. I have used Excel for a very long time but each time I need an answer you are my go to search and instructor and it goes without saying I always find what I am looking for.

Are you as good in other aspects of the MS Suite or Master of one? Let me know. Thanks for your support. Paramveer Sidhu. Your website provides excellent insight in Excel which is very useful for every type of end user. Need your support on power query. I have gone through the video of merging multiple workbooks into one workbook. That was an interesting feature.

However need to know one thing. In case we have two worksheets on three workbooks with similar names, is it possible to merge into one having the end result as a combined workbook with two worksheets. Thank You Sumit, you have a heart for people and an understanding of their needs, I honour you for the gift that you are sharing with us, I pray blessings over any venture that you set your heart on.

Thanks sumit … all videos are great and very helpful…. And again thank you so much, making this course free so that more people engaged to learn excel. Thank you so much, making this course free will get more people engaged to learn excel the right way. Thank you Sir, I am delighted with your work. Your hard work and dedication have brought positive changes in learning excel. Though i could not yet prepared excel sheet for fetching the fund mutual fund units from nse mf fund for my portfolio.

I am trying to prepare requisit worksheet in excel Just discovered the cause of this problem: my Adguard blocker was stopping the display of the video. AOK now. My adblocker was preventing the videos from appearing. When I turned it off, the videos appeared.

Where are the links??? Best Excel Shortcuts. Conditional Formatting. Creating a Pivot Table. Excel Tables. Creating a Drop Down List. Recording a Macro. VBA Loops. Privacy Policy Sitemap. Modules Covered in this Free Excel Training. Lesson 1 — Getting Started with Excel. You can enter three types of data in Excel — numeric, text, and formulas.

Apart from this, it also covers the auto-fill in Excel as well as number formatting. Lesson 3 – Data Formatting. Click here to download the example Excel file This video covers the basics of data formatting in Excel. Employers choose to use Microsoft Word tests as part of their recruitment process to ensure that candidates have sufficient word-processing expertise for the role. By using a Microsoft Word test, the employer can get an accurate insight into your aptitude with the program.

Often a single job role may receive hundreds of applicants. By using these tests as part of their pre-interview screening, it helps the employer make their decision on who to shortlist more quickly. Depending on the requirements of the role that you have applied for, the employer may also ask you to take another test as well, such as Microsoft Excel test or a clerical aptitude test.

As Microsoft Word is such a varied program, there are many different skills to master. The most common skills can be categorised into these three main categories:. As Microsoft Word is a word-processing program, formatting the text of your document is one of the most crucial skills. The basics of formatting begins with learning how to make your text bold, or italicise it, change the font size and change the alignment of the text.

Although you can do this all with the toolbar, it is a good idea to learn the keyboard shortcuts, since this will save you time. For more advanced roles, you will need to learn how to alter the line space, create columns and to create numerical lists.

Tables are a commonly used feature of Word. If you are writing a report or organising customer data, it is likely that you will use tables. Once you have learned how to create a table, practice changing the cell shading, or the proportions of the columns.

These can elevate the document and make the information easier to read. The best way to prepare is through practice tests. Even if you are an expert in using Microsoft Word, it is really important to familiarise yourself with the types of questions that you will be asked during the test. Practice questions are a great way for you to identify any potential gaps in your knowledge.

To customize Word so that it works for you and not against you:. I recommend you uncheck all of the options in the last two sections including Automatic numbered lists. You can still turn on the automatically numbered list any time you want them. Turn off choices in the 1st section as desired. Pick OK to finish. Students love his course, making it one of the highest rated and bestselling courses on Udemy.

We love Kyle Pew here at Webucator as well. So much so that Kyle is one of our top go-to instructors for onsite Microsoft Word Classroom Training. This detailed 2-hour free video covers the most popular features of Word. If you open the video description, you will see clickable bookmarks to take you to specific modules like formatting, charts, mail merge, macros, and more.

Tutorials at Microsoft. You can get fast accurate information about using Microsoft Word right at Microsoft. Visit the Microsoft site to find written, step-by-step instructions along with how-to videos.

Microsoft offers everything from the basics like formatting text, to more specific information such as using Word for school and improving accessibility. Live online training brings the instructor-led classroom experience to anyone with a computer and an internet connection. Almost all Microsoft Training companies offer instructor-led online training now. Webucator was one of the first Microsoft partners to deliver all of our Microsoft classes in an instructor-led online format.

Join a live instructor in a WebEx classroom. The training feels just like a traditional classroom experience. You chat with the instructor and the other students, participate in hands-on exercises, and ask questions at any time. Everyone connects by calling in on their phone, using their computer speakers, or using a webcam. To keep everyone engaged and active in the class, we strive for a small class size — less than 10 students.

The trainer. Talk with the trainer before your class and look for a solution where you can have continued access to the trainer after the class.

With this, a line of text could have a different style of font formatting for every single letter and number including spaces. What It Is: the smallest unit paragraph formatting can be applied to is one paragraph. A paragraph is defined by a paragraph mark at the end of the text.

Paragraph formatting instructions are not stored in a code at the beginning of a paragraph, but are stored in the paragraph mark at the end of each paragraph. If you delete a paragraph mark between two paragraphs, the paragraphs will merge and take on the formatting of the first.

Any changes to the paragraph formatting of existing text will only affect the paragraph where the insertion point cursor is currently positioned as well as any additional selected paragraphs.

This means indents, bullets, tabs, alignment, and other formatting does not have to be turned on for each new paragraph.



Microsoft word tips and tricks 2016 youtube free


When it comes to word processing, Microsoft Word is the microsoft word tips and tricks 2016 youtube free standard. As part of the Microsoft Office productivity suite, more than one billion computer users rely on the program every day. Even though so many consumers use Microsoft Word, not everyone knows how to maximize the capabilities of the program.

Word is packed with a multitude of features that can help make the creation of documents, reports, and text files easier. And when your day-to-day work becomes easier, you become more productive and more efficient — which should be the ultimate goal of any piece of software. Below are 10 of our favorite shortcuts, tips, tricks, and timesavers to supercharge your use of Microsoft Word.

Most of these suggestions work with all versions of Word, but some are exclusive microsoft word tips and tricks 2016 youtube free newer versions like Word по ссылке,or for Mac. Try a few out today and let us know what works for you…. Quickly zoom in or out to save eye strain. Delete entire words at a time.

Use Smart Lookup to search the Internet. From word definitions to news scans, this powerful tool can transform a simple question into a wealth of knowledge. Remove unwanted formatting. Trying microsoft word tips and tricks 2016 youtube free turn a document from an external micrsooft into something that works for you? Tell the program exactly what you want to do. Use multiple clicks to select chunks of copy.

Rather than employing the tedious drag and highlight method, you can use your mouse to select chunks of copy: double-click over a word to highlight it or triple-click to highlight an youtbe sentence or section. Quickly insert links into a document.

Select the default font you want, not the default font Word wants you to use. Find any word you want quickly and easily. No matter what your level of wword with Microsoft Word, читать далее could all use a boost to make our use of the program more productive and efficient.

Curious about how the Office productivity suite can have an impact on your day-to-day operations? Have other tips and tricks that have revolutionized your use of the program? Copy, paste, and cut with keyboard shortcuts. Not sure how to translate a virtual report into an in-person Ready to Get Back in midrosoft Swing of Things? We can help. Whatever your technology problem is, chances are, we’ve seen it before.


How To Pass A Microsoft Word Test (Free Practice Questions)


Chances are, you either use Microsoft word tips and tricks 2016 youtube free Word now, or may have to use it in the future. Doing this will owrd that the contents get pasted but any как сообщается здесь, such as text color, size, and font, will not be included. If you want to clear the formatting of a specific part of your document, simply highlight that area and click the Clear Formatting icon.

The icon will look like a small eraser next to the letter A. Have you just finished microsoft word tips and tricks 2016 youtube free lengthy document and just noticed you made a small mistake for a word, for example, writing land mark, instead of landmark?

You can fix this within a few seconds by using find and replace. Next, click adn Replacethen type in the word or phrase you want to replace. This feature is known as Spike in Word. Need to delete a big chunk of text? Doing this will delete one word each youtuge you press the backspace button, instead of just one character. Hold down the backspace button and the ctrl button together to delete chunks of text at lightning speed. If you are editing a Word document but need context, you can use the Smart Lookup tool.

Simply highlight a wordright click and click Smart Lookup. Doing this will open a small panel sketchup pro 2017 extension free download contains information relating to the word. This is useful if you are using abbreviations or fictional words. You can also turn off spelling and grammar check completely to remove those pesky red and green lines. To увидеть больше spelling and grammar check in Word for only one document, click Filethen Optionsthen click Proofing.

You must then tick the two options for hiding spelling and grammar mistakes in the document you are currently writing in. Or, are there long words or phrases you write very often? You can use custom AutoCorrect settings to make your life far easier.

Simply click Filethen Optionsthen click on Proofing. After больше информации, click on AutoCorrect Options. Http://replace.me/15480.txt AutoCorrect can be an excellent way to increase your productivity.

Not only can you use it to adjust any common personal spelling mistakes, but you can use it to turn quick abbreviations into long words or phrases to save time. It has become the universal standard for the color of a text document to be bright white. At times, this can become quite microsoft word tips and tricks 2016 youtube free strain on your eyes.

If not, which ones do you think will be the most useful to you? Let me know, and feel free to share your own Microsoft Word tips in the comments below. Microsoft word tips and tricks 2016 youtube free stumbled upon writing online whilst participating in a mobile network forum gricks in Since then, he has developed an incredible passion for writing about all sorts of tech micdosoft smartphones, PC hardware, software, and everything in between.

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