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Xero authenticator app not working – xero authenticator app not working

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Helene Conway asked a question. Totally get the frustrations, thanks for sharing back – Though there is an option to skip источник days, I do want to confirm that this only works if logging in with an authenticator and aren’t designed to work with the back-up methods. We know there are a few common scenarios that may result in this option not working, and have updated our content to add a bit more details for users around this – See within ‘Fix a problem logging in with MFA’ section here.

Yes I find it very frustrating as well. I go to lunch and have to authenticate the log in again. I get the text OK but every time I go to log in, I have to authenticate it. I also don’t think the 30 day skip function works. Very Frustrating: 30 day skip function does not work?? I appreciate there is a need for security. Perhaps if, once you sign in, it didn’t time you out, or at least, if they increase the time limit before doing so, that would solve the problem.

Part of my job involved doing things outside of Xero, so have been timed out as a result, which is just more time wasted signing back in again. I was just sent a list of reasons why this isn’t working and I believe in my situation, its my accountant logging in on thier pc elsewhere daily, which I guess resets the “skip this step” option. I tested this by logging out and logging back in straight away which this time didn’t prompt me to authenticate. It appears as though the process is only assigned to one IP address each time anyone chooses to skip, if so it would be good if the app could log посетить страницу источник IP address to each user.

In response to Paul’s comment I find that I am the only one who logs into my Xero account and it still asks me, in the same day, to authenticate my log in.

Very frustrating! In fact I had to re-authenticate to answer this question. Looks like some issues for some, I just wanted to add that it works perfectly and quickly sign in add code boom. Which surprises me as I usually am the one who gets issue. Hope all is sorted it really is simple and safe.

Xero authenticator no longer sending push notifications. Frankly they have messed this up. People will simply turn off 2FA, and it will be Xero’s fault. If your security system becomes a pain in the A then people will bypass it. If you have a 30 day skip then it should work if I choose it, regardless of whether I am using an authenticator – it is my risk not Xero’s.

I have switched back to Google Authenticator. However 30 day skip still also doesn’t work with that either. Looks like I’ll be xero authenticator app not working – xero authenticator app not working off 2FA. Driving me mad having to log in ten times a day.

Particularly when I am only person using it. Preferred 30 day skip log in which no longer works. Tough luck if I lose my phone. Not impressed with this either. I use several companies and have the same issue with the skip 30 days option. I hope there will be a resolution soon.

I tick the skip for 30 days box and every time Xero authenticator app not working – xero authenticator app not working still have to authenticate. I too experienced the frustration xero authenticator app not working – xero authenticator app not working having to constantly use Authenticator to sign in – even after ticking the 30 day skip each time – but found clearing my cache fixed очень windows 10 guest account create free download удалил. I didn’t have to log in to answer the post either!

Hopefully, this will help! Me too. Three companies two with bank accounts that means moving in and out constantly. It’s not just their new caustic system access idea though, when we need help there is no way to speak with a XERO representative, Really crummy customer support ratings.

We are looking at Quickbooks. If you use the Xero Verify app on your mobile it makes it that little bit quicker to log in because you only have to click Yes Its Me option in the pop up on your phone home screen.

Yes, but not everyone has their phone attached as a body part. Even 1 verification per day would be better than having to do it whenever it times out. Or once a week.

Xero just responded with: “it’s now mandatory to authenticate your log in each time you use Xero and it’s not possible to skip this for 30 days. If it’s not possible to skip it for 30 days, why does the option exist? Just another thing Xero will one xero authenticator app not working – xero authenticator app not working get around to fixing as in remove it I guess. I have also had trouble not receiving the authentication on occasion. Resent, no help, and again, and then suddenly they all come through!

I appreciate the need for security, but let’s make sure it works, and maybe increase the time-out period, at least that would help many. Too simple? Thanks Terri-Anne.

Once installed on my phone I was able to navigate the new process and access xero authenticator app not working – xero authenticator app not working account. Me, especially as I am the only one using the program. On top of the bank feed and MTD vat connections приведенная ссылка working at the moment, I feel like scrapping the http://replace.me/15317.txt. We have installed Authy on our PCs and it simply does not work.

Our entire team is now locked out. We need out of this software fast and need to use a vendor that does not mandate security changes that do not work. Please advise we are trying Zoho at the moment, does anyone else have any suggestions, we need a solution fast as only one of us can now login to Zero and that is likley to expire soon.

Why Xero would chase its customers away is beyond me. However that is what they are doing so we have to move. Good luck. I agree the Xero Verify works ok, and so does Google Authenticator on my phone. However I think you have missed some of the point s of other posts i. Also can you believe I had to spell but-t like that – seems to be a banned word.

I’m not sure if this addresses your problem but I did find out from Xero some time ago that if you use different devices or networks to log in then it cancels the skip 30 days. I’m not happy with the fact they have removed the 30 day option now. The other thing It is my observation with this forum, that once the complaints start coming in from customers about Xero, it will be closed down.

I do appreciate the need for security, but sometimes when signing in, the message doesn’t come from Xero to my phone, so have to wait, resent it, and that doesn’t come, so send it again, at which point all 3 arrive together, Now, that is frustrating! As is it timing out. I can be working on a large problem in excel say, come back to check something in Xero, only to find that it has timed out and I have to sign back in again.

The people who design the system, don’t have to try to work it every day, if they did, it would look very different. Couldnt tell you how frustrated I was this morning trying to log in via the “send code to backup email” as I wasn’t able to get to the device that had the MFC on it. Took 2 hours to get the emails through, its disgraceful. You could always try ringing the help desk – if only there was a number for you to do that.

Still, you can always send the help desk an email, and they will get to you within 24 hours maybe. Apparently Xero’s systems works flawlessly, so there is nothing that would ever require their urgent attention. Has been terribly flawed since launch, I believe 7 months now. Ironically, you don’t need to verify to log in here and post comments. Am I just the lucky one?

I would like to have the option to stay logged in once I actually am. It gets tedious during a busy day to have to keep going through these stages any time I leave the room and return to my desk. I appreciate that they do need to remove those who have logged on but are no longer active, for example if they crashed out, or forgot to log out, but just make the time longer before they do so.

One hour? Are the timings in the settings somewhere? Mine seems to be about ten minutes or the time it takes to make a cup of tea and return. If the settings are somewhere I don’t know where. I suspect they keep that sort of thing well out of a user’s reach. Maybe our timer is busted, in which case don’t tell Xero. Xero two factor – Probably the most annoying 2FA I have ever experienced. Bugs in the app, the email verification and in general this isnt done well considering most ppl have moved on from manually entering codes shared via email, SMS or APP.

On phones, these codes can be detected automatically, users have a seamless login experience despite 2FA. With Xero now, my team is spending 5minutes more xero authenticator app not working – xero authenticator app not working session and constant frustrations are part of it.

Working from home, several devices, all this adds to the pile. If anyone xero authenticator app not working – xero authenticator app not working приведенная ссылка out how to ignore or disable this feature, please let me know.


Who else is frustrated with the two step authentication 30 day skip not working – Xero Central


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