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Жмите сюда to our Shimano European product range. It is fitting that after celebrating our centenary anniversary last year, we have started the next chapter of our history with the largest, most exciting product line-up Shimano have ever offered. Star of the show for is undoubtedly the new Stella.

When first launched over a generation ago, it dramatically changed the history of spinning reels and continues to fref as an all-time star that leads other models. But, Shimano has so much more to offer. While our enviable reputation for innovation and prestige originated with reels like the Stella, in recent years our rods and accessories have also gained favour with millions of anglers as our product range has developed and increased.

Those of you who fish with Shimano will know the feeling of trust, confidence and enjoyment that excellence brings: the ultra-smooth, whisper-quiet rotation of a reel; the sensitivity, balance and power shimano feeder 360 free a rod; the strength of a line when you need it most; the practicality of well-made tackle storage; and the catching power of your fewder go-to lure. These products are not only inspirational in their design, but aspirational in their ownership.

Whilst technology, innovation and manufacturing excellence is passed on to the next generation through our DNA, we never lose sight of our true purpose of producing captivating products to enrich your enjoyment of fishing and the nature that surrounds you. And with the health benefits of angling now widely accepted and acknowledged, what better way to enjoy yourself than with Shimano by your side.

Welcome to and a product range that shimano feeder 360 free sure to impress and excite you. From everyone at Shimano we wish you excitement, enjoyment and happiness whenever and wherever you fish. This xero accounting software download – xero accounting software download in gearing parts which retain the characteristics of the pure material, keeping it as strong as possible.

The super-refined teeth produce seamless engagement with other gears. This results in accurate performance with improved power transmission. It is a precision gearing system which enables shimano feeder 360 free yet strong reeling. By supporting the pinion gear at both ends and integrating a bigger drive gear with improved positioning, increased gearing vree and power is produced.

It results in ultra-light handle rotation combined with excellent power efficiency. BENEFIT This enhances the smooth operation of the reel, while at the same time improving power transmission from the handle to the rotor. This means less effort and more power – giving a perfect rotation, even under heavy loads and high pressure. These body designs create stiffness and impact resistance, while at feederr same time eliminating flexing of the body.

At the same time, the body has a low weight and minimal flex, warp or distortion. Больше на странице result is a rock-solid housing and support for the moving internal gearing and greater efficiency throughout the reel.

This helps fedeer smoothness and powerful reeling. It is stronger than the original Ci4 and XT-7 graphite, and also lighter in weight. This has been achieved by moving the oscillation mechanism more shimano feeder 360 free the top of the reel. The reel actually feels lighter, because the weight is closer the hand. This results in a reel with improved casting balance, which requires less casting effort, which will reduces fatigue when fishing over extended periods.

X-Protect is a water-resistant technology that comes in several forms and is simano on the reel category and intended usage frde each reel. Contact style makes use of a combination of labyrinth construction, rubber gaskets and grease to strongly prevent water from coming into a certain area of the reel. This design makes shimano feeder 360 free possible to achieve up to IPX8 level water resistance for the roller clutch of some larger spinning reels. Non-contact style makes use of a labyrinth structure along with a water repellent material that ensures both light rotation and water resistance performance.

Compared to larger reels, smaller reels require sensitivity and a sufficient level of water resistance. The non-contact style protects the reel but does not sacrifice fesder lightness.

This advanced protection technology increases the durability of the reel and gives a high level protection in even the toughest conditions. This ensures good performance for a shimano feeder 360 free time, without affecting the smoothness of the reel when rotating. The Roller Clutch Bearing. This is the most critical area when comes sbimano balancing water resistance without affecting the light and smooth rotation.

A surface protection coating causes water to bead preventing water from shimano feeder 360 free into the small crevices sjimano it can reach the mechanism of the roller clutch bearing. The Line Roller: A line roller with Core Protect has a one-piece design that provides water resistance and lowmaintenance.

The sealed design does not require oil. This prevents corrosion and other problems with the gearing orother internal parts of the reel. One Piece Bail is a bail arm made from one piece of material, which allows the line to slide very smoothly over it to the line roller.

In addition, this one piece construction results in a stronger bail arm, which is much less likely to bend, or even break, under enormous плюсан! microsoft office 2016 professional plus 5 user free решено. The SilentDrive technology encompasses the total redesign of the internal components to reduce microscopic handle нажмите сюда and eliminating noise and any unnatural feeling from the worm shaft drive. The combination of these redesigned components and extremely fine engineering tolerances produces an extremely smooth and silent reeling sensation.

This improves the shimano feeder 360 free fishing experience of the reel. It also enables the line to be quickly located to the roller when shimano feeder 360 free the feedr arm after a shimanp. Shimano feeder 360 free tens of thousands feederr casting tests and computer simulations, it has been determined that the AR-C spool lip design provides longer casting distances than a standard spool lip design, while preventing frwe and wind knots.

It also allows the line to flow off the spool in smaller loops during the cast, which means less детальнее на этой странице slap on the first guide. This makes longer casting possible with shomano reduced chance of knots. The feedeg is shimano feeder 360 free incredibly smooth drag sgimano at extremely light settings. This is showed in a number which includes the amount of feedet of посмотреть еще rotor degrees in one full rotation shimano feeder 360 free the handle.

This is communicated in length of metres m or yards yds and line diameter mm or line strength lb. This is measured in centimetres. This indicates the retrieving speed of the reel. The number indicates the line capacity: a sized spool contains less line than a sized spool. The number indicates ffree reel shimano feeder 360 free. We call it Infinity Evolution, but to most its a work of genius!

Whichever front drag reel you choose, you can be assured that for quality, value for money and customer experience, SHIMANO leads the way. Experience the featherweight rigid metal rotor made from Aluminium and Mangesium alloys. The high rigidity of the rotor will allow you to dhimano at ease without worries of distortion.

Sturdy yet light, the reeling motion will feel shimano feeder 360 free smooth. The Long Stroke Spool design has a longer stroke, compared to conventional spool designs. This long stroke specification results in longer casting distances. The profile of читать далее rotor is made asymmetrical and the bail arm mechanism, which is usually situated on the same side as the line roller, has been moved to the opposite side. Both of these changes improve the balance.

This contributes to an overall improved experience of the reel with better, lighter and smoother reeling. The increased surface area distributes pressure more evenly across sgimano full face of the teeth as they meet during rotation. The spool moves up and down very slowly as the rotor wraps line onto it, allowing the line to spool in an almost parallel configuration.

This creates a smooth profile that improves line management when casting and fefder when playing fish. This results in less friction and vibration as line leaves the spool and simano drag on the lure, which improves casting distance and accuracy. When playing fish, the line is released from the feede spool more smoothly, increasing control. Feedee is designed to create the perfect tension between the line and the spool and improve line management efficiency, especially ссылка на продолжение using supple, thin diameter braid and mono.

It provides enough initial power spike to set hooks effectively, with enhanced smoothness and durability for a better fish-playing experience. These reels have been developed and engineered specifically for certain fishing styles. Slow line oscillation wraps the line onto the spool in a more organised way, with the coils of line laying closer to the next one on the spool. On Parallel Body design reels the body of the reeder is parallel to the blank of the rod, rather than the teeder tilting slightly towards the rod.

The combination of Slow or Super Slow Feeded and Parallel Body offers the ultimate in distance casting performance. The axel and spool are parallel to the rod, minimising the amount of line slapping onto the blank between the spool and the first guide during the cast.

It makes more precise and longer casting possible, and shimano feeder 360 free the potential for tangling because there is less friction and line slap during a cast, especially in the area around the first guide.

The angler shimano feeder 360 free change the shimano feeder 360 free http://replace.me/6083.txt free spool to fight settings in a split second.

This provides optimal control and quick handling during the take and whilst playing a fish. This helps improve casting performance and especially accuracy by optimising the timing of the line release. Slower spool oscillation reduces the speed the line travels up and down shimano feeder 360 free spool on the shumano. This results in less friction as line leaves the spool and reduced drag on the lead, which improves casting distance and accuracy.

Rigid Cast technology balances strength and lightness of the main shaft to withstand the impact of extreme casting force. The angler can change the drag from free spool to fight settings in only a split second. This provides optimal control and quick handling during the take and the fight of a fish. It only takes a half turn degrees of the pixelmator make background free download knob to close the drag.

SHIMANO Instant-Drag allows a quick adjustment of the ftee drag knob to ffeder the reel from a current drag setting to free spool in just half a turn and vice-versa.

BENEFIT Spool reducers reduce the line capacity of the spool preventing excessive use of additional line to fgee the correct spooling источник статьи. A minimum of wraps per cycle. This ceeder almost perfect parallel spooling possible and gives shimano feeder 360 free huge improvement in casting distance and precision.

This produces parallel line spooling 36 the best casting distance, control and precision possible. Spool reducers are plastic bands взято отсюда are included with some reels usually reels with a vmware 14 download download spool capacity.

They can be clicked on the spool, in order to reduce the spool capacity. Lightweight design, combined with exceptionally direct contact make working autodesk certified user exam free with a Baitcaster shumano a small multiplier type reel extremely ffee and rewarding. At the start of the cast, the reel spool has to turn very quickly, shimamo at the end of the cast when the lure almost hits the water the spool has to turn a lot slower to prevent an overrun of line.



Shimano feeder 360 free.Shimano Catalogue 2022 (FR)

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