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Windows 10 fast boot disable free

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First, Windows closes all open programs, then closes the user session and finally disconnects the system. On the other hand, by activating the option, Windows will save part of the system files in a hibernation file once it is shut down. So, when you turn your computer back on, Windows will use these saved files to turn on more quickly.

So the system will start from a kind of hibernation and not from zero. Logically, this is different from normal hibernation. Where the user takes up the work as he had left it. It is simply a faster and cleaner start. However, it may decrease boot time and increase hibernation files. Windows 10 is undoubtedly a very popular system. Indeed, its ease of use and visual appeal make it widely used. However, it has sometimes been criticized for being too heavy.

That is to say, depending on the characteristics of the hardware, its startup is usually slow. Especially if compared to other operating systems. Aware of this situation, Microsoft is working to improve this aspect in Windows This is done by incorporating improvements and changes so that the system behaves in the smoothest way possible.

One of these improvements is Fast Boot. This allows the system to start up faster than a normal startup. In order to activate this feature, it is necessary to edit the behavior of the power button. There are several methods to do this. The following steps will work with Windows 8, 8.

With these simple steps, we have seen how easy it is to enable and disable the fast boot in Windows As a result, the system experience will improve considerably. Your email address will not be published. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Forgot your password? Lost your password? Please enter your email address. You will receive mail with link to set new password. What is Fast Boot? How to enable or disable Fast boot in Windows 10? Detailed Information about Fast Boot This setting combines the properties of hibernation mode with total shutdown.

But many people advise against using a fast boot, or at least, disable it as soon as you power up your system for the first time. While fast boot is an amazing feature to cut the boot-up time of Windows 10, it has its disadvantages. A fast startup, like Windows hibernation, works by closing down all the apps. However, instead of shutting down the operating system, fast boot puts it in a hibernation state so that the various drivers, kernel, etc.

The next time you boot Windows, it will resume working from hibernation instead of starting for scratch, drastically reducing bootup time. This can have an adverse effect on Windows updates, as most of them require a complete shutdown of your PC for a smooth installation.

Apart from giving you trouble with updates, Windows fast startup will lock your hard drive. Related: Dual Boot vs.

Virtual Machine: Which is Better? But if they are a deal-breaker for you, then you can always turn it off. On the Start menu search bar, type control panel and select the best match. From there, click on Power Options and select Choose what the power button does.

Now, click on Change settings that are currently unavailable and uncheck the Turn on fast startup radio-box. Click on Save changes to save this setting.



Windows 10 fast boot disable free


The topic of discussion is Windows 10 fast startup, its effect on the PC and the user, and how to turn off fast startup windows Now the main question comes up is What Windows 10 Fast Startup is? Windows fast startup facility was first implemented on Windows 8 O. Needless to say that it is then moved forward on to Windows 10 too. Fast startup is a special feature of windows PC which let it boot faster than usual. The process of hibernation uses a hibernation file which stores up the information about the session of the user, and turns off the PC.

When it is powered on again the PC restores its session from the data available on the hibernation file. Faster boot works on the same principle, although the file created during this process is smaller than the file created while performing hibernation and the amount of power is also less. Fast startup makes the PC go in a complex or transition state which is in limits by complete power off and hibernation.

Although this helps the PC to startup faster but the fact that the PC is never actually turned down may raise some problems. But it can cause some indirect or rather auxiliary problems such as —. The hibernation file created due to it takes up valuable space on the hard drive. LINUX users find this one annoying as it interferes with the dual boot and virtualization.

Some reports has been found which states about power button failure and continuous fan spinning in the PC, which can be irritating. Although restating the PC may be the solution for this problem. Fast startup can also interfere with the encryption processes of encrypted disk images.

It has been reported by some encryption programs such as TrueCrypt that the mounted disk before shutting down became automatically remounted after powering on the PC again. This found out to be the fault of Fast startup. There are some systems that do not aid the hibernation. Another nasty thing which can happen is corruption of the disk by accessing or editing the disk from another O.

This is the most malicious thing that can happen due to the use of fast startup. These were some of the reason someone may want to stop the fast startup feature in his or her PC.

After reading the above mentioned 7 points generally the question arises that how the user can disable the fast startup on his or her PC? It can be done by following the few simple steps as mentioned below —. The box before it should be ticked. Now click on the box to make the option unmarked. Except for fast startup there are other problems like forgetting the password which make people suffer a lot.

But with the use of a simple tool named 4WinKey. Windows Password Key 4WinKey. Menu Overview Guide Store. How to Disable Windows 10 Fast Startup The topic of discussion is Windows 10 fast startup, its effect on the PC and the user, and how to turn off fast startup windows Part 1. What Is Windows 10 Fast Startup?

Part 2. Part 3. How to Disable Fast Boot in Windows 10? Since , PassFab has become leader of developing Windows password reset tools.