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Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. One of the most common steps when troubleshooting a PC is to boot into Safe Mode. For a long time this has been achieved by pressing the F8 key, this all changes with Windows 10 and its Automatic Repair mode. But what if we want Safe Mode? If you mash the F8 key at just the right time or get lucky spamming the key during boot up , Windows might still take you to a screen that lets you get into the recovery environment.

The trouble is that some computer manufacturers disable this option. And even on PCs that still support it, Windows startup and particularly the handoff between the regular boot process and Windows startup happens so much faster now, you barely have time to press the key.

Note : This article is written using screenshots from Windows 10, but the techniques work pretty much the same way in Windows 8. Most of the ways you access Safe Mode involve getting into the Windows recovery environment first. The recovery environment includes a number of troubleshooting options, and Safe Mode is one of them. How you get there depends on whether your PC can start Windows normally or not.

If your PC can successfully get to the Windows login screen when you start it up or you can actually sign into Windows , the easiest way to get to the recovery environment is to hold down the Shift key while clicking Restart either right on the sign in screen or from the Start menu.

You can also get to the recovery environment through your Settings app. Safe Mode is included in those tools. Press the number corresponding to the startup option you want to use i.

Use the arrow keys to select the appropriate Safe Mode option, and then hit Enter to boot into Safe mode. To start Windows normally again, you have to go back into the System Configuration tool and disable the option. Be sure to check out our full guide on how to force Windows to boot into Safe Mode for more information.

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The good news is that getting into Safe Mode is doable. The process is just more hidden now. How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology.

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May 15,  · Different Types of Windows Safe Mode. There are four types of Safe Mode in Windows Here’s a brief description of them and what they to do: Minimal: As its name suggests, the minimal Safe Mode setting will start your Windows with the least number of drivers and programs. It will include the standard Windows GUI, though. Sep 15,  · In order to fix the Windows 10 stuck in Safe Mode error, you need to uncheck the Safe Mode option. Now, here is the tutorial. Press Windows key and R . Aug 16,  · Sometimes, people need to know how to start Windows 11 in Safe Mode with Networking drivers enabled. Windows OS isn’t exactly world renowned for its stability, certainly with the growing popularity of Windows 11 beta builds. Whilst it’s a versatile and easy-to-use system, crashes, bugs or a bad install may prompt troubleshooting and repairs at software level.


Advanced startup options (including safe mode)


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that despite its dominance in the desktop operating systems market, the Windows environment still has a bad rep for its performance. It crashes, gets awfully buggy after updates, and is windows 10 safe mode with networking free most malware susceptible operating system. However, to combat this situation, Windows has and continues to introduce a host of free tools that come to your rescue when your Windows goes berserk.

Windows safe mode is one such tool. Safe mode is a way to boot up your Windows нажмите чтобы увидеть больше operating system without the baggage of additional applications, as opposed to regular operations, in which all the regular drivers and apps are loaded. The rationale behind using safe mode, i. When you enter safe mode on your PC, your desktop will display a black background with safe mode written on all four sides.

There are four types of Safe Mode in Windows Here’s a brief description of them and what they to do:. You now know a lot more about safe mode than you did before you embarked on this guide. But there’s still one question left to be answered. And that’s when посетить страницу you actually use Safe Mode?

One thing is clear; you need it when something goes south on your PC. But the question is, how do you know if safe mode is the right solution for a problem, as opposed to some other app from your Windows toolbox? Safe Mode can come to the rescue when Windows 10 cannot boot up due to one reason or the other. You might encounter приведенная ссылка Automatic Repair screen if this is the case. In this case, instead of startup problems, your Windows apps keep crashing or hanging, even after the operating system boots up successfully.

You might face various kinds of unexplainable errors such as the blue screen of death, a program might refuse to start, the system might become awfully slow, and more. After you windows 10 safe mode with networking free booted up Windows 10 in Safe Mode, you can perform various operations to get your system back to a healthy state. Here are some of them:. Related: Windows Unresponsive? Here’s How You Fix It. So, there’s a bunch of different methods you can choose from to boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode.

To check out all the different ways, have a look at our guide to booting Windows 10 in Safe Mode. In this article, though, we’ll only discuss the most straightforward method. Ссылка на продолжение the steps below to get started:.

Note that there are multiple options to choose from under the Safe boot tab. For now, choose the Minimal setting. You’ll then receive a pop-up asking for a restart. Remember to save all your files and documents before you go ahead with a restart.

And that’s all, folks. Windows Safe Mode is a useful utility to have in your PC repair toolbox. It will windows 10 safe mode with networking free you find and windows 10 safe mode with networking free various Windows windows 10 safe mode with networking free and errors without much hassle. Hopefully, this article helped you get familiarized with it. But don’t stop your learning now. The Windows environment comes packed with many free tools that can hold their own against most paid apps.

So, what is safe mode, and how does it really work? Let’s find out What Is Safe Mode in Windows 10? Here’s a brief description of them and what they to do: Minimal: As its name suggests, the minimal Safe Mode setting will start your Windows with the least number of drivers and programs. It will include the standard Windows GUI, though. Your keyboard and по этому адресу will work fine. The display will look less than optimum, however, as the display driver will be turned off during Safe Mode.

You’ll instead have to get your hands dirty with the Command Prompt. It goes without saying that you’ll need to have a thorough mastery of CMD commands beforehand.

Don’t lose heart if you’re still learning, though. Our cheat sheet for basic Windows commands will help you get the ball rolling. Active Directory Repair: This setting will let you access machine-specific information, such as hardware models. Network: An option to boot up in Safe Mode with drivers and programs necessary for networking, apart from the minimum number of drivers available in Safe Mode.