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Delivery POLICY

Our delivery makes sure that our customers are completely satisfied and assured. The following terms and conditions pertain to delivery:


  1. Balance must be paid on completion of work.
  2. The order delivery period will be 1 to 2 working days.
  3. Please proofread the text and verify the artwork before approving your order.
  4. The client is responsible for proofreading (dates, spelling, logos, correct info, etc.)
  5. All information must be provided at the onset of the project.
  6. After approval, any additional changes will result in additional charges.
  7. These stipulations will ensure a quicker turnaround on your project.
  8. Any information added after a layout has been started or completed will incur additional charges.


  1. Orders will be delivered via email with a turnaround time of 2 to 3 hours. But for complex orders, completion time will be provided via email.
  2. Customers can also contact us at any time if they have any issues or check their orders’ status.
  3. Any charges incurred in transferring funds to and from would not be reimbursed, and payments would be made after the deduction.
  4. Refunds would be subject to any taxation or service charges if applicable.
  5. Refunds would not be made to any other persons, company, website or project ongoing at