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Pro Level Digitizing is in the business of Custom Embroidery Digitizing Services since 2015 with 12 Years Digitizing Experience is one of the embroidery digitizers offer high quality, flawless running embroidery designs for caps, hats, polo shirts, shirts & jackets back having inhouse team of 20 digitizers, rendering services to 374+ clients in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US, Germany and all over the world.

We offer the best of Embroidery digitizing services ranging from simple to some intricate excellent pieces of designs. Most of the customers have issues getting blurred images in the digitizing process. But we assure you that our customers would not be facing any such problems. You just need to give us the specific requirements and specifications or your order and the rest of the job is ours.

Cap Digitizing:-

There are two types of caps commonly known as structured caps and unstructured caps. Whenever you see a design or pattern on cap that means it is a digitized pattern. Embroidering on structured caps is easier than on unstructured caps as a stiff, supportive fabric inside the structured cap helps it hold its shape. Other than a pattern or design, Logo or text can also be embroidered on caps side.

Puff Digitizing:-

3D or PUFF embroidery is a simple and unique technique to use foam under embroidery digitizing which raises the design or letters and gives the impression of 3D.This type of cap embroidery digitizing is usually used on baseball caps, sporty hats and alike. Too much wide or smaller designs cannot be converted into PUFF, same rules applies for letters.

Red Work Digitizing:-

Red work embroidery is a form of classic embroidery in which red thread is used to create patterns on a white or cream background.
Red work or line work is a simple style of “art needlework” of stitching the outline of designs onto a white or off-white fabric in red thread or a different color, but are commonly one color designs. Dating back to the 19th century, today red work is commonly called backstitching or outline stitching.
In addition to being popular for its decorative purposes, red work embroidery
Also became popular because it was inexpensive in price.
Another reason that red work embroidery was popular was that the embroidery required less
Thread to create a visible image than other kinds of thread.
As such, it took less time to complete red work patterns and it was also much less
Expensive to make the patterns as a smaller quantity of thread was required.

Sleeves Digitizing:-

Who doesn’t love and admire intricate and stunning embroidery over any clothing? Well, almost all of such stunningly beautiful and intricately engaging embroidery design that you witness today are end product of computerized embroidery machine. Gone are the days where highly skilled and under-paid workers would have to manually sew stubborn and complex embroidery designs – which takes ages to be mastered at. Today, embroidery digitizing services are taking fashion industry leaps and bounds in terms of exquisite and enchanting embroidery works. Now you can have amazing and exquisite sleeve digitizing services with professional look and elegance only with Pro Level Digitizing. Over the years, people have accepted sleeve digitizing as a highly intricate and personalized form of artwork; where they prefer to wear their style that truly represent them. At Pro Level Digitizing, we have the right resources to turn your dream artwork into highly efficient digitized format so you can have it embroidered onto your sleeves.

Appliqué Digitization:-

Appliques are a fun way to add personality and unique style to the embroidery. Like any embroidery technique, embroidery digitizing also formulate the backbone of applique embroidery. During applique digitizing, a digitizer must be professional and experienced enough to understand the requisites of sewing out an applique embroidery design. Appliques are embroidered in abundance and this is what makes applique digitizing so important. Most digitizing services and embroidery digitizers fail to incorporate factors that distinguishes a great applique design from an ordinary one. For quality applique digitizing, order our professional applique digitizing services today.

Towel Digitizing:-

Personalize your towel and let your product build your brand with Towel Digitizing!
Towel Digitizing is a popular embroidery art in stitching creative designs and puffs on towels for all age groups. Pro Level Digitizing is an Affordable Digitizing Services that aims at establishing your reputable brand recognition in the market and give you a more personalized appeal while taking a bath or in fact while cleaning your hands as well. We are happy to offer you our Towel Digitizing service and passionate to provide you custom towels to best meet your requirements.

Jacket Back Digitizing:-

Pro Level Digitizing is a pioneer in offering custom digitizing services, especially for Jacket Backs. For custom embroidery digitizing, we convert picture or images in to stitches that you send us for embroidery digitization to get you best results and custom designs for your jackets. Our custom embroidery digitizing department can have your image custom digitized and back in your hands in as little as 24 hours. Our team of embroidery digitizers work in synergy with our sales and customer service team to ensure a well-rounded and personalized experience.

Other Digitizing Services:-

Other kinds of digitizing services provided by us like sleeves digitizing, jacket back digitizing, towel digitizing and many more. Our Digitizing Experts professionally do this complete process by hand and we are strongly against auto-digitizing or auto-conversion. The digitizer also changes the type of stitches used in the design to best reproduce the artwork and match your specifications for the file.

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We Work For All Clients

We work for individual clients, schools, colleges, institutions, outsourcing embroidery resellers, embroidery shops, small and large businesses and digitize their designs & artworks.

Clean & 100% Quality Designs

We convert complex embroidery designs which have detailed embroidery work into reality. Our designs look exactly the images shared by you and perfect on any fabric of your garments.

No Hidden Charges or Fees

We believe in working with the clients for the long term which means we keep 100% transparency with our customers. No hidden costs will be charged from the customers for flat rate products.

Industry Best Embroidery Studio e4

Our professional digitizers work on the best digitizing industry EmbroideryStudio e4 to make sure the final products delivered to you should be amazing and much appreciated by you.

Why Hire Pro Level Digitizing Services?

  • One of best Embroidery Digitizing agencies in PK for 12 years
  • We have Same Day And Next Day Embroidery Digitizing Quick Delivery Service available
  • Free edits offer available for designs you orders with our digitizing agency
  • We are ready to digitized logos, web images, scanned images and photographs
  • We offer custom embroidery digitizing, 3d puff digitizing, crest logo digitizing, applique digitizing
  • We can do embroidery digitizing from hand drawings and letterings digitizing

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We offer Custom Embroidery Digitizing Service For All Types of fabrics including:

  • T-Shirts
  • Jackets
  • Polo Shirts
  • Bags
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hoodies
  • Fleeces

We support all the main embroidery Digitizing file formats including:

  • DST file format
  • EMB file format
  • PES file format
  • JEF file format
  • CND file format
  • XXX file format
  • PEC file format And 30+ more file formats.

FAQs on Embroidery Digitizing Service

Embroidery digitizing is a computerized process of converting a logo file, artwork, team emblem, crest logo, letters, images in JPEG, PNG or any image file format, an artwork drawn from hands or photographs into a stitch file that any embroidery machine like Janome Memory Craft 500E Embroidery Machine, SINGER Futura XL-400, Brother F440E Embroidery Machine, Janome Memory Craft 400E Embroidery Machine and Brother FS100WT Free Motion Embroidery machines can sew on different garments.

Before any design, logo, image or photo can be embroidered on any fabric, it needs to be digitized. So this is where the need for Embroidery Digitizing Service arises and embroidery digitizing is a complex process that is both art and science.

We have more than 12 years of embroidery digitizing experience and we have a Pakistan based team of embroidery digitizers who have unmatched embroidery digitizing skills. Our employees have years of experience with domestic and industrial embroidery. Our experience is not limited to just embroidery digitizing files but we understand the complexity of embroidery designs and the different fabrics. We work with any designs from small logos, letters, crest logos to more complex designs.

We work for Embroidery Shops, Individuals Clients & Schoolwear/ Workwear Companies and resellers, and big digitizing agencies in and outside the UK.

We use of the popular and the best embroidery digitizing EmbroideryStudio e4 like WILCOM and EMBROIDERYSTUDIO.


Yes, of course, we offer Same-Day and the Next-Day Service to our customers Our Support team works 24/7 to get your design delivered quickly without any delays.

Yes, we work on weekends and public holidays and you can contact our team directly on our phone number +1(570) 431-9171 or send WhatsApp for +44 (7723) 506-766 urgent embroidery digitizing inquiries.

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